25+ Unpublished Photos From National Geographic Archives

A picture might be worth a thousand words but National Geographic photographs leaves us speechless. Known for their captivating daily pictures, they also offer an opportunity to dive into the archives of previously unpublished or forgotten images.

The project called Found was established in 2013 to honor NatGeo’s 125th anniversary. The project’s team says that their mission is to bring the pictures back to life by sharing them to new audiences. And even some of the dates or locations are missing, the images capture perfect moments making them timeless.

The photographs are dug up by Guardian of the Collection William Bonner, who still finds them highly inspiring even after years spent in the archives. Together with editor Janna Dotschkal’s love for aesthetics, they make the vintage material shine as new.

#1 A Kitten Aboard A Floating Victoria Water Lily Pad In The Philippines, 1935

#2 A White Fallow Stag Stands In A Forest In Switzerland, 1973

#3 Irish Guards Remain At Attention After One Guardsman Faints In London, England, June 1966

#4 Hikers Stand Near The Top Of A Natural Rock Bridge On Mt. Rainier, Washington, May 1963

#5 American Bison Charge Through Heavy Snow In Yellowstone National Park, November 1967

#6 With Claws Bared, A Kitten Attacks Its Own Mirrored Reflection, 1964

#7 A Wave Of Rock Shaped By Wind And Rain Towers Above A Plain In Western Australia, September 1963

#8 A Regular At Le Louis Ix In Paris, caramel Keeps A Client Company, May 1988

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