Three myths about ‘right-wing lunatic virgin’ Elliot Rodger!/aceschuckles/status/470261162295455744

In his outstanding book, “Columbine,” journalist Dave Cullen showed “how legends become truths through continual citation.” A similar dynamic appears to be at work in the wake of Elliot Rodger’s brutal murder of six people Friday night in Isla Vista, Calif.

Myth: Rodger’s killing spree was motivated exclusively by his desire to harm women.!/feministabulous/status/470418540906807296!/Dissoluted/status/470470695902670848

Related myth:  All six of the people killed by Rodger were female.!/MonicaFoster/status/470496974542602240!/marinapuke/status/470464874410037248!/Yenaldlooshi/status/470430270814818304!/tierneymichele/status/470424576498102272!/crisecardiaques/status/470264410976428032!/lilbritnuggs/status/470245793861881856

Fact: Rodger was an ultra-misogynist, but he also detested men, including his roommates and even his younger brother. Four of the six people he killed were male:

  • three yet-to-be-named men stabbed to death in Rodger’s apartment,
  • two sorority sisters (Veronika Weiss and Katie Cooper) shot and killed, and
  • one male clerk (Christopher Michael-Martinez) shot and killed at deli.!/jonathansampson/status/470463852300087296

Some say Rodger hated men only insofar as they presented competition for affection from women:!/stillgray/status/470512573683494912

That theory, however, doesn’t explain Rodger’s utter contempt for his “geeky” male roommates, who likely were among those murdered in Rodger’s apartment.

* * *

Myth: Rodger used a gun to kill all of his victims.!/JConcepcion7/status/470427683101229056!/midlifecriSOS/status/470419741237338112!/MitchyRounds/status/470252098831933442!/patriciaah_1/status/470276376977612800

Fact: Rodger stabbed to death half of his six murder victims.!/jrsalzman/status/470409362910216192

* * *

Myth: Rodger was politically conservative.!/Charchita/status/470217746555228160!/AEWMedia/status/470253709503774720

Fact: Rodger subscribed to The Young Turks, a liberal YouTube channel. Imagine the outcry from the Left if Rodger had been a fan of Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.


Curiously, some Twitter users are claiming that Rodger was white:!/mashrodionova/status/470517984113737728!/Official_Lov/status/470388008726691840!/darlingKEISHA/status/470334305353224192!/EraseThisTweet/status/470261245179080704

Rodger was in fact half white, half Chinese descent.

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